Egg Tips

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A teaspoonful of cold water added to the white of an egg causes it to whip more quickly while increasing the quantity.

General EGG Tips

To separate eggs, gently crack the eggshell in the center with a knife as you hold the egg over a custard cup or bowl. Slide the egg yolk back and forth from one shell half to the other, allowing the egg white to fall into the cup. Drop the yolk into another cup. It's easier to separate eggs while they're still cold.

Removing The Shells Without The Hassle

Did you ever get ready to make deviled eggs and spent the next three days at the sink trying to get the shells off? Follow me.

To shell eggs without the hassle, make sure the eggs are at least several days old before you boil them. To make sure of this, place the eggs in a saucepan of water. If an egg lies on its sides, it's new. If it stands on end, it has a little age. If the egg floats, out it goes. It's too old.

If you plunge the boiled eggs in ice water the moment they are drained, the shell comes off easily. It also helps keep that halo of green we all hate from forming between the yolk and white.

When the eggs are cooked, gently tap the shell. This allows you to pull away the thin membrane that surrounds the egg when you peel the egg.

The covered pan should be removed from the heat the minute boiling takes place. Set aside for 15 minutes and the eggs will be done. If the eggs came straight out of the refrigerator, let stand for 20 minutes.

Not enough eggs?

In baking, you can generally replace 1 in 3 eggs with a tablespoon of cornstarch. Also, for most purposes, 2 yolks will substitute for 1 whole egg.

Keeping eggs fresh:

If you want the eggs nice and neat, please don't wash them. You'll remove the protective coating on the shell and they won't last as long. Instead, wipe them off with a cloth. Would you rather have a clean rotten egg or a dirty, fresh one?

Eggs Stuck to carton:

Wet the carton and the eggs will come out without cracking.

Eggs Stuck to egg beater, pots etc.:

The secret to cleaning eggs off utensils is to use cold water, not hot water.

Giving chickens a break

Egg whites can be kept frozen up to 1 year. Add them to a plastic container as you collect them for use in meringues, angel food cake. 1 cup equals 7 or 8 egg whites. You can also refreeze defrosted egg whites.

Properly Cracking an Egg

Never crack an egg on the edge of something, counter or measuring cup or whatever. That's a sure way to get shards into your recipe. Bang it gently on its side on the counter top instead. This way you will never get a shard of shell. The membrane inside always holds the pieces of shell intact. Just use your fingers to open the round, broken area and pull the egg apart.

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Updated on ... May 03, 2007