Banana - Berry Wake-Up Shake (Diabetic)

Contributed By: Mary L.


1 banana
1cup fresh or frozen berries (any combination)
. 1cup milk or vanilla-flavoured soy beverage
3/4cup lower-fat yogurt (vanilla or other flavour that
complements berries)


In a blender liquefy fruit with a small amount of the
milk. Add remaining milk and yogurt; blend until smooth.
If shake is too thick, add extra milk or
soy beverage to achieve desired consistency.

Helpful Hints:

Makes about 3 1/4 cups (800mL) - Serves - 2
MAKE AHEAD - Make these shakes the night before and
you'll be ready for a quick morning meal to go.
TIP - This protein rich shake will help to maintain
blood sugar levels and counteract cravings for sweets.
TIP - The vanilla yogurt used in these shake recipes is
higher in carbohydrate than most other yogurts. People
with diabetes may want to choose a lower
carbohydrate brand.
TIP - Frozen sliced bananas work well in these shakes
and help make them creamy. When bananas start to get
pop them in the freezer and take out as needed.
Excellent source of calcium, riboflavin vitamin B6 &
B12. Good source of vitamin C and folacin.

Note: Diabetics need to consider the fact that Bananas are high in sugar.

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