Beets On The Grill (Gluten Free)

Contributed By: Parker


cooking spray
6 beets, scrubbed
2 tablespoons butter
salt and pepper to taste


Step 1 Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat.
Step 2 Coat one side of a large piece of aluminum foil with cooking spray. Place beets and butter on foil; season with salt and pepper. Wrap foil over beets.
Step 3 Place packet on the grill grate. Cook until beets are very tender, about 30 minutes.
Step 4 Allow beets to cool before serving, about 5 minutes.

Helpful Hints:

I couldn't decide what to do with all the beets, so I tossed them onto the grill.
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Additional Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 45 mins
Servings: 2
You don't even need to peel the cooked beets to enjoy.
Nutrition Facts (per serving)
208 Calories
12g Fat
24g Carbs
4g Protein

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