Shakespeare's Tea

Contributed By: Kay Davis


This really is Shakespeare's Tea as the combination of lavender, mint,savory and marjoram as a tea appeared in Act 4 of the Bard's "The Winter's Tale".
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1 cup dried Lavender blooms
2 cups roughly cut dried Peppermint
1 cup dried Summer Savory
1 cup dried Sweet Marjoram
1 cup dried whole Calendula blooms


Here is a dried tea blend to keep you young and warm-blooded all winter!
Collect your herbs mid-summer and rub off the stems when dried.
Crumble the Peppermint leaves to match the size of the other greens.
If your Calendulas are huge, break in half when dry.

*NB: Use 1 tsp. per cup: in a pot add 1 tsp. per person and 1 for the pot!
Steep 3 minutes.

Helpful Hints:

Kay?s note: calunda is a herb that is also known as potted marigolds. This is not to be confused with the usual marigolds we grow in our flower beds!

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