Tangy Cranberry Relish


Two one-pound bags of fresh cranberries
Two naval oranges
Two tart apple such as Fuji, Stayman/winesap or Granny Smith
Two cups sugar


Empty cranberries into a large, mesh strainer rinse under cold water. Then,
discard any shriveled berries. Core both apples and cut into quarters; do
not peel. Cut oranges into quarters; do not peel. If you are using naval
oranges, there should be no seeds. Check to make sure and remove all seeds.
In food processor work bowl with grinding blade or in blender container, grind all fruit together and add sugar. Stir to mix well. Store in tightly covered jar in refrigerator.

Helpful Hints:

Note: This is yummy served alongside the turkey instead of cranberry sauce.
It is also excellent served on hot, buttered rolls or bread, toast, muffins,
cornbread etc. It will keep for months if tightly covered and stored in the
refrigerator. It is also good on a Ritz cracker along with cream cheese as
an hors d'euvres.
It goes well with any poultry dish and with mayonnaise on a chicken or
turkey sandwich.

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