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Amy Raich (Coffee Lady)
Join Steve Pallett as he interviews our own coffee lady where We learn how she dealt with the onset of her blindness and the formation of her on-line coffee business.

Audrey Tonge (Miss GoldLeaf)
Join Steve Pallet as he interviews Audrey Tonge. Miss GoldLeaf tells us of her interesting and challenging life.

B C Starkson (Techy Tiger)
Join Steve Shepherd as he explores the interesting life and career of BC Starkson AKA Techy Tiger.

Barry Jennings
Listen to Barry Jennings FTP Webmaster's interview.

Becky Buckner
Listen to Becky Buckner's interview.

Bill Cox
Steve Pallett interviews our octogenarian Bill Cox, and we learn of 80 years of dedication and effort for the blind of England.

Bob Taylor (Class Clown)
Lou Leotta interviews Bob Taylor and we hear about his musical career.

Bob Tweedy
Jennifer Pierce interviews Bob Tweedy and we learn of his triumph over multiple disabilities. Bob is an inspiration to us all.

Brian Johnson
Lou Leotta interviews Brian Johnson and we learn of his fascinating career in radio and tv advertisement.

Carl DeValkeneer
Join Steve Pallett as he helps us explore the life of our beloved member from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Carl DeValkeneer.

Che Martin
Steve Pallett interviews this talented young man who spent the first part of his adult life in the film industry. But what is a person who designs movie special effects supposed to do when he finds he is losing his vision? Che speaks about his life in the film industry and the struggles he faced when he could no longer do those things he spent most of his life learning about.

Chris Bell
Lou Leotta interviews Chris Belle and we get a peek at the man behind all that magic!

Chris Cant
Steve Pallett interviews Chris Cant and we learn about one of FTP's most highly regarded and liked members. you won't want to miss this presentation.

Clifford Wilson AKA Country Lawyer
Listen To Cliff Wilson's interview.

Dan Thompson
Jennifer Pierce interviews Dan Thompson where he talks about how he walked across the state of Illinois to raise money for the victims of 911.

Dave Caldwell
Steve Pallett interviews our poet, novelist, Irish friend, Dave Caldwell. Don't miss it!

Dave Carlson (WildChild)
Join Steve Shepherd as he conducts a truly interesting interview with our wild child, Dave Carlson.

Dave Kent
Steve Pallett interviews Dave Kent, for a fascinating peek into this british blind actor's life and career.

Dave Thomas
Steve Pallett interviews Dave Thomas and we learn about his interesting career as a medical technition.

Dennis Huisenga AKA Startbutton
Listen to Dennis's AKA Startbutton's interview.

Dennis Schwendtner (Dozo Bozo)
Steve Shepherd interviews Dennis Schwendtner , AKA Dozo Bozo. Learn more about this amazing man.

Doug Armstrong
Steve Pallett interviews an articulate young attorney, Doug Armstrong. This is a must listen for any blind person who wishes to study law or for anyone who just wants to hear a great success story.

Doug Lee
Steve Shepherd interviews one of our better Technical gurus Doug Lee. Doug along with Steve has had a big hand in the development of our Jaws scripts for Chatterbox.

Earlene Hughes
You may not know this lady by name but there is a good chance you've seen her work. Steve Pallett interviews the ACB web master Earlene Hughes where she tells us about her life and her career in information technology.

Ellsworth Pierce
Join Jennifer Pierce as she interviews Elsworth Pierce and we learn about his life and different careers. A great interview with a great guy!

Franklin Green
Steve Shepherd interviews the FTP family's most senior member, Franklin Green. Franklin's life has been exciting and versatile. Come enjoy a brief peak at this gentleman's talents, gifts and experiences.

Gary Jackson (Armadillo)
Jennifer Pierce interviews the Vice-President of FTP, and head of our outstanding tech team Gary Jackson AKA Armadillo about his life experiences. Find out a bit more about what makes this great man tick!

Geoff Grant
Steve Pallett interviews Geoff Grant about his fascinating life as a very successful entrepreneur.

George Roderick (Uncle G)
Lou Leotta interviews George Rodrick and many surprizes pop up.

Halley Richmond
Come listen to steve pallett interview the girl who loves Willy Nelson, carrots and country music, not necessarily in that order.

Hoyt Rheuark (Slim Short)
Marlene Nord interviews Slim Short and we learn of his interesting life as a musician. Slim has generously donated one of his albums to the For-The-People

Jaffer and Wai Yee
Steve Pallett interviews 2 of our members from singapore. we learn about their musical achievements and life as a blind person in singapore.

Janice Gable (Kay Lynn)
Marlene Nord interviews janice gable who we know and love as Kay Lynn. you will enjoy Kay Lynn's personality and sweet music.

Jean Parker (Kitty Cat 3000)
Lou Leotta interviews Jean Parker a free lance journalist. Jean is well travelled and has worked on stories in many parts of the world. Today she lives and works in India. You won't want to miss this.

Jennifer Pierce
Have you ever wondered how it all got started? Steve Pallett interviews the For-The-People founder and site director.

Jerry Kidd
Lou Leotta interviews one of FTP's most beloved characters and Jerry will not disappoint yu here. Learn, as you laugh, about Jerry's life and career.

Jim Comella (JOC)
Jennifer Pierce interviews James O Comella. Listen and learn of this very successful business man's colorful life.

Jim Decker
Steve Pallett interviews one of our fine veterans Jim Decker, a man who served his country with distinction.

Jodi Kirkland
Join Steve Pallett as he interviews Jodi Kirkland, our very own Vanna White. You will enjoy getting to know more about this sweet young lady.

Jody Peterson
Steve Pallett interviews Jody Peterson an articulate young man who has successfully balanced the demands of a challenging career in information technology with those of raising a young family.

Joe DiNero
Lou Leotta interviews Joe DiNero our very own Rock Shop Guru and we get a look at the man behind the microphone.

John Duff
Steve Pallett interviews John Duff. We are given a fascinating tour of John's personal and professional life and we are treated to the wonderful music of BJ Cult Sr.

John Farina (Albany John)
Steve Shepherd interviews one of our site's instructors, John Farina. Listen and learn about this interesting and generous man.

Junior Farley (Ricky)
Join Steve Pallett as he conducts a fascinating conversation with Junior Farley. You will learn much about Junior, AKA Ricky, including how he lost his site in Vietnam.

Larry Fain (Dizzy Fingers)
Marlene Nord interviews Larry Fane and we learn about one of the site's long-standing member's life and musical career.

LeAnne Worden
Jennifer Pierce interviews LeeAnn Worden and you not only get to hear about her life, but are treated to a sample of her beautiful music from her newly released album.

Lee Studdard (Blind Lee)
Steve Pallett interviews FTP's very own talking Hallmark Card. Come learn more about one of the most devoted and kindest site members, Mr. Lee Studdard.

Leon Gilbert
Listen to Leon Gilbert's interview.

Maria Cambell (Sunny Day)
Lou Leotta interviews Maria Campbell and explores her career with MA Bell.

Marlene Nord (Country Music Mar)
Steve Pallett interviews one of ftp's most talented performers, Marlene Nord. come listen to our very own Cuntry Music Mar and find out more about this charmer and her career.

Mike Edwards Mr. Delete)
Steve Pallett interviews Mike Edwards and we hear about his life and his career as a medical transcriptionist in a hospital setting.

Milton Ota (Kona Coffee)
Steve Pallett interviews Milton Ota (AKA Kona Coffee) and we hear about his interesting career.

Mindy Jacobsen
Dr. Cantor Mindy Joy Jacobsen Interviewed by Jennifer Pierce on August 28, 2010. An absolutely amazing woman shares her story with FTP.

Parker Waddington
Listen to Parker Waddington's Interview.

Peg Gains (Peg From Ohio)
Marlene Nord interviews Peg Gains, (AKA Peg from Ohio). Peg has was of the most lovely voices we have ever heard.

Phillip Morris
Join John Harris as he interviews Phillip Morris. You will have fun listening to Phillip's story about growing up and how he was so mischievous as a child.

Robyn Clayton
Steve Pallett interviews Robyn Clayton, one of our Scottish members. We learn about Robyn's interesting childhood, career and fascinating hobbies.

Ronnie Sanders
Steve Pallett interviews Ronnie Sanders and explores his interesting career.

Rudy Salazar
Jennifer Pierce interviews Rudy Salazar and we follow his fascinating life and career as an auto mechanic. Rudy is a natural story teller and this is a very enjoyable listen.

Sherri Williams
Join Marlene Nord as she interviews a fellow song bird, Sherri Williams. You are sure to enjoy this high-spirited member and her great voice as well.

Steve Pallett
Jennifer Pierce interviews our very own king of England, Steve Pallett. Steve is a multi-talented individual, and has a fascinating and inspiring story to tell you.

Steve Shepherd (Shepherd Boy)
Steve Pallett interviews Steve Shepherd and we hear his absorbing story. Come listen to the man behind the wonderful Chatterbox Scripts.

Terry Borden
Listen to Terry Borden's interview.

Theresa Lewis (Tee Ann)
Terry Borden interviews Theresa Lewis and we hear about her life, career and hobbies.

Tom Kaufman
Marlene Nord interviews this most talented member and we are delighted by his music and his warm personality.

Tom Shill
Lou Leotta interviews Tom Shill and we hear how determination and effort pays off.

Tracy Rector
Hear you find Tracy Rector being interviewed by Jennifer Pierce. You will learn of Tracy's varied and interesting jobs, and learn about his tremendous amount of determination and drive.

Walter Gibbons (Walt From Canada)
Steve Shepherd interviews Walter Gibbons and we learn of Walter's various travel experiences, his work in the area of addiction rehabilitation and pastoral services, and the wonderful adventure he makes of life.

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