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Accessible Products
The products found on this page have proven to be usable by visually impaired individuals.

Computers By Kevin
A number of VIP Conduit members have purchased computers from Kevin and have been satisfied with the results. Kevin will usually have several computers on hand which can be configured to meet your needs. If he can't meet your needs from current supplies he can usually obtain the needed computer in from 3 to 5 days. Contact Kevin at the e-mail address provided for pricing and availability. Kevin may be contacted by using the link above or sending an e-mail to: Or calling 801-765-4329

Future Aids Talking Atomic Watch Manual
The User's Manual for the Future Aids Talking aAtomic Watch.

Mega Voice
Mega Voice is a source for Solar Audio Bibles. Available from a number of sources including Braille Bible International.

Portable Device Stand
This device is a portable stand designed to hold a smart phone steady and in the correct position to read documents. Those who own it say it works very well.

Tangible Surface Research
Tactile Icon Research and Development Based on feedback from the visually impaired community we have developed products to help people with low or no vision use their touch surface appliances. Our tactile icon products are called HALOS - Home Appliance Labeling and Overlay System and a list of tactile icons are on this page - HALOS Standard Tactile Icon Set page.

We Walk Smart Cane
This cane is designed to provide feed back to the user about their surroundings. What is WeWALK? There is an estimated number of over 250 million visually impaired people (World Health Organization) in the world and 50 million are using a cane. Since the beginning of the white cane usage it never got innovated and visually impaired individuals faced problems like coming across above chest obstacles. WeWALK solves this problem and adds more to it through smartphone integration.

This weather reporting unit is fully accessible for anybody with a reasonable level of tech skill. Now you can get the weather conditions right from your own yard.

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