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Control The Number of Spyware Cookies You Receive
Follow these instructions to substantially reduce the number of Spyware cookies you receive.

Copy and Paste Hot Keys
Here is a very useful list of the Hot Keys used to copy and paste.

Creating Folders In Outlook Express and Win Mail
Step by step directions for creating folders and moving mail.

Extending The Display Time For Popup Messiges in Win 7, 10
Instructions for increasing the display time for popup messages in Windows 7 and 10.

Forwarding E Mails Without The Greater Than Signs
Instructions on how to set some E Mail programs to leave out the greater than signs when forwarding an e mail.

How to set Input and output devices as default in Windows 10
Instructions on how to set your default sound settings for Windows 10.

Microsoft Accessibility Approach
This site provides information about Microsoft's approach to accessibility.

Microsoft Application Hot Keys
Hot keys for several Microsoft products, including Windows, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Start
Offers personalized news from sources you trust.

Narrator Hot Keys
A list of hot keys for Narrator.

Remove Unwanted Windows Ten Built-In Apps
Instructions for removing any Windows Ten built-in apps that you don't want.

Remove Windows 7 Login Passwords
Obtain instructions for removing various Windows Operating systems login passwords.

Turning Windows Features and Applications On and Off
Instructions for turning Windows features and applications, including Internet Explorer on and off.

Want The BCC Field To Show In Outlook Express and Win. Mail
Here are simple instructions that will bring up the BCC Field in both Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts, The Ultimate Guide
A detailed list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 10 Mail and Calendar Shortcuts
A list of shortcuts AKA Hot Keys for the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar applications.

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys A K A Hot Keys
A list of shortcut keys followed by their function for Windows 10 and related apps.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
Instructions for using the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool built into your Windows Operating System.

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