Amazon Echo and Device Related Information (Provided by VIP) Links

Accessibility Moving Forward Podcast(Amazon Smart Oven)
Bill and Randy review the Amazon Smart Oven.

Alexa (Amazon Echo) Basic Commands
This is an extensive list of basic commands for Alexa. Headers have been added to assist in locating what you're looking for.

Alexa Voice Messaging and Calling Commands
A list of commands for the Alexa Voice Messaging and calling function.

Amazon Smart Oven (Using Accessories)
A description of which accessories work with the different modes the oven has available.

Amazon Smart Oven (Using Temperature Probe)
Instructions on how and when to use the temperature probe with the Amazon Smart Oven.

Amazon Smart Oven Users Manual
The users manual for the new Amazon Smart oven coded for HTML to simplify reading.

Amazon Smart Oven Voice Commands
A list of voice commands which work with the new Amazon Smart Oven.

Amazon Smart Oven Voice Presets
A list of Smart Oven voice presets that work with the oven. Coded for HTML for easier reading.

Clear Echo Device History
Click on this link to clear your Echo device's history. We suggest listening to the audio instruction above. You will need to login first.

Clear Echo Devices History (Audio Instructions)
This link will allow you to listen to Audio Instructions explaining how to clear the history on your Echo Devices. Depending on your media settings you may need to press enter on the open file choice.

Guide To The Voice View Screen Reader On Your Echo Device
Description of commands and gestures for the Voice View Screen Reader on Echo Devices.

Learn how to disable the Amazon Sidewalk feature in your Alexa app.

Using The Braille Overlay With The Amazon Smart Oven
Instructions on how to use the Braille Overlay with the Amazon Smart Oven.

Using Your Ring Doorbell With Alexa
Directions for linking and using your Ring Video Doorbell with Alexa. Includes a list of voice commands.

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