Apple IPhone How To Do It Files Links

Backing Up Your IPhone Using ICloud
Step by step instructions for checking the backup status and backing up your IPhone using ICloud.

Clearing The Ram On Your IPhone
Simple instructions for clearing the RAM on your IPhone. Occasionally doing this may substantially improve performance.

Deleting IPhone Apps Using Voice Over
Step by step directions for deleting an IPhone app.

Find My IPhone On The Web
Instructions for using the Find My IPhone service to locate a missing IDevice.

How To Keep Your IPhone Battery From Draining So Fast
Several suggestions for how to reduce your IPhone's Battery drain.
Software that allows you to easily back up your smart phone to your computer.

KNFB Reader Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide for the KNFB Reader App.

KNFB Users Manual
The User's Manual for the KNFB Reader App.

Moving IPhone Apps Using Voice Over
Step by step instructions on how to rearrange your IPhone apps using Voice Over.

Removing All IPhone Contacts
This page contains instructions on how to remove all IPhone contacts at once. Useful when selling your phone.

Voice Over User Guide
Voice Over user Guide for Apple products.

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