Assistive Services and Mobility Devices For The Blind Links

AIRA Instant Access
Explore your World as never before. Special glasses allow you to connect with a trained, sighted agent for on the spot assistance.

Aira Podcast
Airacast, with Jonathan Mosen The official podcast of Aira, the visual interpreter service for people who are blind or have low vision. At Aira, we connect people, via our free smartphone app and optional smart glasses, to trained professionals who provide visual information – all on demand. Subscribe to Airacast to learn about our technology, hear the latest innovations, ways you can use the service for free, agent profiles, and more.

Travel canes for the blind and visually impaired.

Good Maps
GoodMaps requires no infrastructure or Bluetooth beacons in a building. Others install dozens of beacons, which are costly and require maintenance. By utilizing LiDAR and image recognition, we provide fast and accurate maps of indoor spaces at a fraction of the effort and costs. Note the app for the phone is called Good Maps Explorer.

Lidar App
Lidar is a scanner or radar that scans the environment, predicts depth, and creates a 3D map of the surroundings by sending laser beams and measuring the duration in which they return to the source. This happens very quickly, though, like in nanoseconds, so that you can expect results very quickly. Until now, the closest we get to LiDAR in consumer products is self-driving cars. This technology helps the car's brain detect if there's anything on its way, like a human being crossing the street. However, apart from some prototypes here and there, these cars are not in use yet. But as its fellow technologies like computers (remember the 80s?) and radars, finally LiDAR made its way to the everyday consumer products, like the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. For additional information visit this website.

Nu Eyes
First ever lightweight, wireless, head worn, voice activated device for the visually impaired. NuEyes Pro removable visual prosthetic featuring ODG smart glasses is the first ever lightweight, wireless, head worn device that is voice activated for the visually impaired. Whether you have macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, or other visual conditions NuEyes can help! NuEyes Pro is a very simple product to use and can be either operated with our wireless controller included with the product or using simple voice commands.

Strap Technologies
The world's first total replacement of the white cane for the blind. Obstacle detection and more.

We Walk Smart Cane
This cane is designed to provide feed back to the user about their surroundings. What is WeWALK? There is an estimated number of over 250 million visually impaired people (World Health Organization) in the world and 50 million are using a cane. Since the beginning of the white cane usage it never got innovated and visually impaired individuals faced problems like coming across above chest obstacles. WeWALK solves this problem and adds more to it through smartphone integration.

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