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Acura Motor Company
Acura is the luxury division of Honda.

Auto Check
An AutoCheck Vehicle History Report is essential when shopping for a used vehicle: Get access to unlimited reports Check if an accident has been reported Confirm the reported mileage Receive our Buyback Protection guarantee Run reports on our FREE mobile app

Auto List
Search for new and used cars using a variety of criteria.

Auto Trader
Locate information on new or used cars near you.

Auto Zone
Auto parts, accessories and information.

Batteries Plus
Your Destination for Batteries, Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixtures & Repairs Car & Truck Batteries Cell Phone Repair Cell Phone Batteries Lighting & Fixtures
Research automobiles both new and used.

Chrysler Motors Corporation (Official Website)
Obtain information on Chrysler Motors vehicles, locate dealers and more

Dash cam u s a Bill-and-Kim-Gremminger is more than just an online company. Our mission is to inform drivers of all types that affordable, high quality dash camera protection is now available in North America. is based in Springfield, Missouri and was started to provide drivers an "eyewitness" solution to escape the "blame game" that inevitably happens when involved in traffic incidents. Driver safety, security and control are what motivated the owners of Royton LLC (the parent company of Bill and Kim Gremminger to become distributers of the most important product to impact the transportation industry in decades - the personal and portable dash camera DVR. With over 2.5 million safe miles behind them as commercial drivers Bill and Kim have firsthand knowledge of what drivers need most, and high on the list is the security in knowing that a good driving record and reputation will not be jeopardized by the actions of someone else. Many times inadequate accident investigations lead to the wrong parties getting assessed with the liability of an accident that is not their fault. With a SmartCam HD 2 this does not have to happen. From BG "I had literally spent years searching for a reliable and affordable camera that could help take the "worry" out of being blamed for events that were not my responsibility. Reduced to using out of date technology I "cobbled" together a "system" that, at times, gave me more worries than help, but with the discovery of the SmartCam HD Dash Cam my years of searching were over. I still can't believe that the 1 and 1/2 ounce SmartCam HD that is as small as a cellphone and records continuously in full HD video is mine to own and now to share with driver's all across the USA. I can truthfully state that 'an ounce of dash cam protection is worth pounds (years) of cure.' I encourage you to not put off owning this simple, affordable plug and play solution that will help make your driving experience and career much more enjoyable. You will never regret having the truth recorded in full HD video, on your side, when the need arises. Personal dash cam ownership will have an enormously positive impact on the driving world. Be one of the first to feel the impact by owning your very own SmartCam HD Dash Cam." Safe travels, Bill Gremminger

Dealer Rater
DealerRater® established the first car dealer review web site worldwide to help online consumers find the right automotive dealer when purchasing or servicing their cars. We provide the opportunity for web site users to search for car dealerships, read and write reviews, and find car deals through the site’s classified ads – all for free. DealerRater also engages car dealerships, through our active certification program, to interact with the DealerRater web site user base and work to resolve any customer service issues.

Fix My Windshield brings together a coast to coast group of auto glass specialists for windshield repair and replacement that meets your needs - without having to make any calls or search multiple places such as your outdated phone book. Get auto glass repair and replacement quotes from the all the local shops that are members of and conveniently schedule your appointment time.

Ford Motor Company
Obtain information on all Ford cars, trucks and hybrids. Locate dealers, view accessories and more.

Gas Buddy
Looking for historical gas price data, charts, or statistics? Get Gas Price Data from GasBuddy. This site is not fully accessible as it uses graphs and maps for some information.

General Motors Corporation (Official Website)
Locate information on General Motors, GM brands, vehicles, dealer locations and more.

Honda Motor Company (Official Website)
Obtain information about honda vehicles, locate dealers and view current special offers.

Kelly's Blue Book
Look up the value of your car, and a whole lot more.

Kids and Cars
Provides information related to dangers faced by young children around cars.

NAPA Online
Auto parts and accessories plus store information.

O'Reilly Auto Parts
Purchase auto parts and locate stores.

Online Automotive Advice: Troubleshooting
Ask a mechanic online. Cars, motorcycles, transmissions and more.

Safer Car Website
Locate information, including crash tests, from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Toyota (Cars, Trucks, Accessories)
Obtain information on models, prices etc.

True Car
TrueCar is New Car Pricing TrueCar answers the most important new car buyer's burning questions: "What should I pay for a new car?" or "How do I get the best price on a new car?" Our service was founded on the belief that knowing the actual dealer cost on new cars, as well as the factory invoice price, the MSRP (or sticker price) gives you the best leverage when in negotiation with a dealer, and is the only way you can be confident in your car purchase. TrueCar also provides the true price of what people are paying on average for new cars in your local area. Thus, our TrueCar average price paid feature lets you know how much you should pay

Volkswagen Of America
The official site for Volkswagen of America. Locate dealers, model information and prices and more.

Waymo Self Driving Cars
Waymo began as the Google Self-Driving Car Project in 2009. We’re making it safe and easy to get around - without the need for anyone in the driver’s seat. Our Mission Waymo’s mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going. The Waymo Driver can improve the world's access to mobility while saving thousands of lives now lost to traffic crashes. Visit this site for additional information.

Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Replacement
Trust America's auto glass experts to provide you with fast and convenient service when and where you need it. Safelite Auto Glass can do on location replacement of windshields.

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