Team Talk and Other How To Do It Pages For VIP Members Links

Adjusting The Volume Of A Participant In a Chatroom
Instructions on how to raise or lower the volume of another participant in a chatroom.

Create Shortcut For a Web Page
Step by step instructions for creating a shortcut to a web page.

Creating A Windows App Desktop Shortcut
If you're having difficulty in getting a shortcut on your desktop for your Windows 10 apps with the usual methods, this could be your answer.

HowToCreateAFolderOnYourDesktopFor UseWithAnyBrowser
Instructions on how to create a Favorites folder on your desktop that can be used with any browser.

Jaws Scripts For Team Talk
These scripts will provide some additional information when using Team Talk.

Locating And Using The VIP Conduit Cookbook(All Members)
Instructions on locating and using the VIP Conduit Cookbook, available to all members.

Ocoopa Hand Warmer Operating Instructions
Instructions for operating the Ocoopa Hand Warmer especially written for the blind and visually impaired.

Operating Instructions For MP3 Player MF088
A description of the physical location and function of the various controls for the MP3 player described in our Gadgets Corner.

Perpetual Calendar (Supporting Members)
Instructions for locating and using the Perpetual Calendar, a Supporting Member feature.

Playing Music With The Team Talk Client
Step by step instructions for playing music with Team Talk.

Retrieving Your Login Information
Instructions on how to quickly retrieve your login information.

Setting The Preferences In The Team Talk Client
Directions and recommendations for setting your preferences in the Team Talk Client

Site Functions
Directions for locating and using the Site Functions link. Links to most site features are located here.

Team Talk Version 5.2.1 User Shortcuts
A list of shortcuts for the general Team Talk user.

Updating Information In Your Account
Instructions on how to update phone numbers, e mail addresses, switch nicknames and purchase or renew memberships.

Using Loopback With The Team Talk Client
Instructions for using the Loopback room with Team Talk.

Using The NVDA Remote Feature
Step by step instructions for using the NVDA Remote feature to control a second computer.

Using The VIP Conduit Alerts (Supporting Members)
Instructions for using the alerts to remind you of events and appointments.

Using The VIP Conduit Forums
Basic instructions for using the VIP Conduit Forums.

Weather Tracker Feature (Supporting Members)
Directions for using the Weather Tracker Feature(For Supporting Members).

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