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The Conduit chat list is intended to cover a wide variety of topics, if it's of interest to the Visually Impaired community than it's appropriate for this list. Examples would be questions about the VIP Conduit website, information about things that would impact the blind community, articles about the accomplishments of blind individuals Etc. We do not however intend this to be a tech support list. There are no age restrictions for this list. Therefore the content of all posts to the list must be appropriate for younger subscribers to read. A regular feature of this list will be VIP Tidbits. Every week or so we'll focus on a VIP Conduit website feature. We'll briefly tell you where to find it, what it does, and a quick explanation of how to use it when necessary. The list is not moderated, but will be monitored. Click on the Subscribe link and send the blank message that comes up. When the confirmation message comes follow the enclosed instructions. Be sure to save your welcome message. It contains a link and password that will make it easy to manage your subscription.

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