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Access Wireless
This web site is dedicated to making wireless telecommunications available to the greatest number of people possible. In particular, it is designed to give you, the consumer, a greater understanding of the wireless industry and some of those elements about wireless technology that people with disabilities may find especially useful. The great benefits of wireless phones are mobility and convenience. These are incredibly important features for everyone and especially for people with disabilities because they translate to freedom, empowerment and safety. The wireless industry already provides a variety of "easier to use" products and services to many individuals with disabilities and we are committed to making our products and services available to as many people as possible. Access Wireless will serve as your source for the latest developments in the wireless industry's efforts to expand our services and improve our products. Please continue to visit Access Wireless for the latest word on accessibility to wireless telecommunications.

All Area Codes
Look up area codes.

Area Code Help
Locate information about area codes for the United States, Canada and the Caribbean islands.

Batteries Plus
Your Destination for Batteries, Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixtures & Repairs Car & Truck Batteries Cell Phone Repair Cell Phone Batteries Lighting & Fixtures

Blind Shell
Simplified cell phones, designed with the blind in mind.

Blind Shell Mobile Phone
Blindshell Classic High quality mobile phone for the blind and visually impaired. • Physical keyboard • Fully vocalized and voice controlled, SOS button • Web browser • More than 23 applications and free lifetime updates

Cell Phone Accessories
This website has available accessories for most brands of phones including batteries, data cables and more.

by staying connected wherever you go around the world FREE to Play with the money you'll save, you'll have time for the things you enjoy! Get More Than Mobile WiFi calling and texting from anywhere Free Unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop phones Free international calling from over 60 countries

Software that allows you to easily back up your smart phone to your computer.

Joopz is a web-based text messaging service that enables web texting two-way communications from the Web to any mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada... and back!

MiniVision2 Cell Phone
Cell phone specifically designed for those with vision problems regardless of age. Large buttons plus talking capability.

Nokia Corporation USA
Home page for the Nokia Corporation in the United States.

Nuance Talks, Speech Software For Symbian Phones
Speech software for use with Symbian phones especially those made by Nokia.

Full line of protective cases for a wide variety of cell phones, IPads Etc.

Repeater Store
Offers a wide variety of cell phone repeaters intended to improve cell phone performance in weak signal areas.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk is a low cost, no contract required, provider. A word of caution, this website is not screen reader friendly.

The Best Ways To Stop Robocalls To Your Phone
This page offers some useful suggestions for cutting down the number of Robo calls you receive.

The Cheapest Mobile WiFi Hot Spot Plans
Information on the best deals in mobile WiFi hot spots.

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