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12 Tips For Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection
While not all the tips in this article will work for the Visually Impaired there are some excellent suggestions.

A Guide To Selling on Ebay For The Blind
The Blind Bargains Website offers instructions on using Ebay for the Blind.

Create Shortcut For a Web Page
Step by step instructions for creating a shortcut to a web page.

Creating A Windows App Desktop Shortcut
If you're having difficulty in getting a shortcut on your desktop for your Windows 10 apps with the usual methods, this could be your answer.

How To Create A DeskTop Folder
Step by step instructions for creating a desktop folder.

How To Place A Favorites Shortcut On Your Desktop
Step by step instructions for creating a shortcut to your favorites on the Desktop.

How To Send Text Messages From a Computer To a Cell Phone
This page contains instructions and the necessary addresses for sending a text message from your computer to a cell phone. Read the instructions at the top and then use the H key to locate the Cellular provider you want.

HowToCreateAFolderOnYourDesktopFor UseWithAnyBrowser
Instructions on how to create a Favorites folder on your desktop that can be used with any browser.

Playing Music On Your NLS Book Player
Following these instructions will make it possible to play music on your NLS Book Player.

Setting Up Automatic Login In Windows 10
Instructions for setting up automatic login in Windows 10.

Trouble Shooting WiFi Problems
Easy to follow step by step instructions for trouble shooting your WiFi problems.

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