Computer Sound Sources Links

Sound America
SoundAmerica has partnered with to bring you over 240,000 sound effects, loops, instrument sounds, pre-cleared music tracks and more, all in an incredible sound search engine.

Offers a number of free sounds, available in both Wav and mp3 format.

Soungle (Free Sounds)
Offers many free sounds, simply enter the name of the sound you're looking for and receive a list of sounds available. Note: This site is not really screen reader friendly. However, it is usable. You will need to use your mouse keys. After finding the sound you want, locate the word download with your mouse keys. When you left mouse click on it the normal download dialogue should appear.

The Looney Tunes Sound Source
The Looney Tunes SoundSource The Ultimate Source of Looney Tunes Sound Files on the Internet! This website is a tribute to Mel Blanc, Carl Stalling, and the many talented people who gave voice, music, and life to the characters we all love so much!

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