Other Useful E-Mail Lists (Not Provided by VIP Conduit) Links

Amazon Echo E Mail List
This list is intended for blind users of the Amazon Echo.

David Goldfields E Mail Lists
Visit this site to view a list of E-Mail lists offered by David Goldfield covering a variety of subjects.

Good Clean Funnies List
You may subscribe or unsubscribe to the Good Clean Funnies list at this site. The list offers a joke each work day which lives up to the lists name.

Subscribe To AccessMart E-Mail List
This list is intended to facilitate buying, selling and trading of access related items among the Blind.

Subscribe To Bible Study With Friends E Mail List
List will focus on various Bible studies which will change from time to time.

Subscribe To Blind Apples List
This list is for the discussion of Apple products including the IPhone.

Subscribe To Blind Christian Singles
If you are a Christian who happens to be single meaning, (not married) and blind, visually impaired or sighted join us

Subscribe To Blind Guitarist List
Thinking about playing guitar? want to meet other blind guitarists? Then you must join us, on a new list created on Yahoo. We also would encourage any one, interested in teaching the blind or maybe you already are and need to ask some questions this is the place to do so.

Subscribe To Blind Handyman List
"building repairing or maintaining, all designed with the blind in mind". That can be your house, car, or swimming pool ETC. No matter if it were how to do a job or what would be the correct tool to use for the task in question. We have people on here of all skill levels, from the beginner to those who build additions on their houses. So never hesitate to ask what ever you might need to know

Subscribe To Blind Like Me E-Mail List
Blind Like Me is a list that can cover a wide variety of topics. The message volume is fairly high.

Subscribe To Blind Mozilla List
This list offers help for blind users of Mozilla products including Firefox and Thunderbird.

Subscribe To Blind News List
Receive news about Blindness related subjects.

Subscribe To Blind Open Source E Mail List
This list is dedicated to the discussion of open source programs for the Blind.

Subscribe To Blind Traveller's List
A list for those blind persons interested in travel. Other blind travellers can help you locate guides and gain travel information World-Wide.

Subscribe To Blind Users of LGVX Phones List
This list will allow you to ask questions of other Blind users of LGVX phones. Reports indicate the list has fairly heavy traffic, but is well moderated.

Subscribe To Blind Weight Watchers List
E mail list for Blind persons wishing to lose weight and their friends and families.

Subscribe To Blind Windows 7 Users List
E Mail list intended for new blind users of Windows 7.

Subscribe To Christian Devotions, Stories and Poems List
This list is for Christian devotions stories and poems.

Subscribe To Christian Prayer and Praise E Mail List
Christian prayer requests and praise reports.

Subscribe To New Programmers List
This list has been created for those who are new to programming and want to learn without being criticized. To join click on the link and send a blank message.

Subscribe To Prayer, Praise and Fellowship List
Focuses on prayer, praise and fellowship, said to be very low traffic.

Subscribe To Recipes and More
Recipes cooking tips jokes and more.

Subscribe To Sonic Vision List
Sonic Vision is a list intended to provide information about and assist those who use a sonic based travel device. For additional information go to. http://www.freelists.org/list/sonicvision

Subscribe To The Barter Chamber
Sponsored by Blind Treasures this list is for barter only, they will not accept items for sale.

Subscribe To The Blind Computing List
On the Blind Computing List you may ask questions related to computers and the problems faced by blind users.

Subscribe To Thunder Screen Reader List
This list will allow you to discuss the new Thunder screen reader and ask questions.

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