Disaster Information And Readiness (Earthquakes, Tornados) Links

Active Shooter Preparedness – for Visually Impaired
A very useful collection of suggestions on preparing for an active shooter situation if you're blind or visually impaired.

Active Shooter Preparedness, " for Blind and Visually Impair
A group of suggestions for those with visual impairments on preparing for active shooter situations.

Convoy of Hope
Compelled by compassion, one life at a time. Responds world wide to disasters of all types, often dispatches truck convoys to stand by in anticipation of the pending disaster.

National Hurricaine Center
Obtain information about hurricanes past and present Safety information and more.

NWS Tornado Safety
Tornado facts and safety information from the National Weather Service.

Power Outage U.S.
This site provides up to the minute information on power outages throughout the United States. It's only partially usable for screen readers as some of the information is displayed on maps.

Preparing For a Disaster
Offers suggestions for being prepared for most natural disasters.

Provides information on Earthquake readiness. Focuses on California, but information applicable to other areas. Includes information on Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Access and Functional Needs.

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