Team Talk(Information, Resources and Trouble Shooting) Links

Adjusting The Volume Of A Participant In a Chatroom
Instructions on how to raise or lower the volume of another participant in a chatroom.

Audio Tutorial Using Team Talk on Your IPhone
Listen to audio instructions for setting up and using the Team Talk client with your IPhone and VIP Conduit.

Bear Ware (Team Talk Classic Version for Accessibility)
Here you will find the Classic Version of Team Talk and most of what you'll need for accessibility.

BearWare (Home of Team Talk Conventional Version)
BearWare is the developer of the Team Talk Conferencing Client. This version is for sighted users.

Common Team Talk Problems and Solutions
This page will help you resolve some of the common problems that you may find while using the Team Talk client on VIP.

Download Version TeamTalk_v5.6_Setup.exe Latest Version
Download the most recent version of TeamTalk.

How To Manually Change A TeamTalk KeyUp Sound
Step by step instructions for changing your TeamTalk KeyUp Sound manually.

How To Play Music With The Team Talk Client(Audio)
Audio step by step instructions for playing music with Team Talk.

Jaws Scripts jfw_tt_classic.exe latest version
Jaws scripts for the latest version of TeamTalk.

Playing Music With The Team Talk Client
Step by step instructions for playing music with Team Talk.

Setting The Preferences In The Team Talk Client
Directions and recommendations for setting your preferences in the Team Talk Client

Team Talk Version 5 Complete Manual
Note: Since this manual was written for sighted users, not all of it could be made available here in accessible format.

Team Talk Version 5.2.1 Installation and Setup
Step by step instructions for installing the Team Talk client.

Team Talk Version 5.2.1 User Shortcuts
A list of shortcuts for the general Team Talk user.

Using Loopback With The Team Talk Client
Instructions for using the Loopback room with Team Talk.

Window Eyes App For Team Talk
This App will improve the performance of the Window Eyes Screen Reader with the Team Talk Client. It comes as a Zip file which you will need to open before installing the App.

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