Audio Archives (VIP) Links

2014 Talent Show
Listen to our members showcase their talents at the 2014 Talent Show

Collage Of Christmas Wishes 2020
Listen to the VIP members wish you Merry Christmas for 2020.

Collage Of VIP Center Stage Performers
Listen to a sample of the music you can hear by attending the Center Stage event Every Wednesday Night.

Computer Voices Roast VIP Members
Presented on January 29, 2018, the computer voices we use roast the members of VIP.

Judys GPS Talks Back
Listen as Judy's GPS asserts itself.

The VIP Players Present Brunch Munch
Listen as a Blind couple deals with the uninformed staff of a local restaurant.

The VIP Players Present Christmas Mall Madness
Listen as the VIP Players work their way through the activities in the Mall at Christmas, including a childs concerns about Santa.

The VIP Players Present Grocery Grumble
Listen as a blind family deals with the hazards of grocery shopping during the holidays.

Twas The Night Before Christmas (December 20, 2015)
The VIP Conduit members present "Twas The Night Before Christmas".

VIP Conduit Honors Our Veterns
VIP Conduit honors our veterns, those still with us and those who have gone home to be with our Lord.

Voice Synthesizer History
This link will allow you to listen to an audio recording. It documents the early steps in creating the voices we now have available.

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