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Additional Household Uses For WD40
A list of additional uses that WD40 may be put to.

Additional Uses For Coffee Filters
A list of uses, other then filtering coffee, to which the filters may be put.

All About Vinegars With 70 Helpful Tips
A comprehensive article about how vinegar is made along with information about the different types and 70 uses for it.

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports provides product reports and ratings. Depending on what information you're seeking it may be necessary to subscribe.

Cubic Yards Calculator
If you need to calculate how many cubic yards are in a given container or shape, here's your answer.

Fabric Link, The Educational Resource For Fabrics
Provides information about fabrics including stain removal.

Gardening Tips
Gardening and lawn care tips from expert gardener Melinda Myer.

Household Uses For Blue Dawn Ultra Detergent
A list of uses you may use Dawn detergent for, most of which you probably wouldn't think of.

Household Uses For Hair Conditioner
A surprisingly lengthy list of suggested uses for hair conditioner other then what's suggested by the name.

Houzz Home Design and Redecoriting Ideas
This site is loaded with home design and redecorating ideas for a wide variety of projects. Since it involves a large number of pictures and illustrations it is not especially screen reader friendly.

P. Allen Smith Gardening Website
This site offers gardening tips for both flower and vegetable growing. You'll also find some recipes.
This site can help you locate a dog or cat sitter, a dog walker or even a house sitter. We are aware of testimonials from two individuals who have used the service and have had good results.

Setting Up The Home Office After Vision Loss
Suggestions for setting up a home office for those with vision impairment.

Task Rabbit
The convenient & affordable way to get things done around the home Choose from over 140,000 vetted Taskers for help without breaking the bank. Mounting & Installation Moving & Packing Furniture Assembly Home Improvement General Handyman Heavy Lifting

Top Ten Reviews, Expert Product Reviews
Obtain all types of product reviews at one site.

Trouble Shooting Your Cookie Results
A simple easy to follow guide for diagnosing your baking mistakes.

VIP Talking Thermostats (Talking
The Talking company has closed its doors. Click on this link to find out why and locate the number to call for Tech Support.

Window Covering Safety Council
Provides safety information about window coverings.

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