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Adjusting The Volume Of A Participant In a Chatroom
Instructions on how to raise or lower the volume of another participant in a chatroom.

Audio Tutorial For Skype 8
Listen as Hareth explains how to use Skype 8.

Audio Tutorial Using Team Talk on Your IPhone
Listen to audio instructions for setting up and using the Team Talk client with your IPhone and VIP Conduit.

Backing Up Your IPhone Using ICloud
Step by step instructions for checking the backup status and backing up your IPhone using ICloud.

Clearing The Ram On Your IPhone
Simple instructions for clearing the RAM on your IPhone. Occasionally doing this may substantially improve performance.

Copy and Paste Hot Keys
Here is a very useful list of the Hot Keys used to copy and paste.

Creating A Windows App Desktop Shortcut
If you're having difficulty in getting a shortcut on your desktop for your Windows 10 apps with the usual methods, this could be your answer.

Creating Alerts (Supporting Members)
Step by step instructions for creating and updating alerts.

Creating And Responding To Forum Messages
Step by step directions for creating and responding to forum messages.

Creating And Sharing A Folder In Dropbox
Audio tutorial on how to create and share a folder in Dropbox.

Creating Folders In Outlook Express and Win Mail
Step by step directions for creating folders and moving mail.

Deleting IPhone Apps Using Voice Over
Step by step directions for deleting an IPhone app.

Extending The Display Time For Popup Messiges in Win 7, 10
Instructions for increasing the display time for popup messages in Windows 7 and 10.

Find My IPhone On The Web
Instructions for using the Find My IPhone service to locate a missing IDevice.

Hey Siri 142 Useful commands
Voice commands useful when working with Siri.

How To Create A DeskTop Folder
Step by step instructions for creating a desktop folder.

How To Design A Sensory Garden For The Visually Impaired
Suggestions for designing a sensory garden that the visually impaired will enjoy.

How to Handle Antique Textiles and Costumes
Detailed directions for preserving historical relics made from a variety of materials.

How To Keep Your IPhone Battery From Draining So Fast
Several suggestions for how to reduce your IPhone's Battery drain.

How To Manually Change A TeamTalk KeyUp Sound
Step by step instructions for changing your TeamTalk KeyUp Sound manually.

How To Place A Favorites Shortcut On Your Desktop
Step by step instructions for creating a shortcut to your favorites on the Desktop.

How To Play Music With The Team Talk Client(Audio)
Audio step by step instructions for playing music with Team Talk.

How To Prepare A Visually Impaired Child For Daycare
This site offers a collection of useful guidelines for getting a visually impaired child ready for daycare.

How To Preserve Your Family Treasures
Instructions for preserving your family history treasures for future generations.

How To Register a Domain Name
This link will take you to a good article on how to secure and register a domain name.

How To Send Text Messages From a Computer To a Cell Phone
This page contains instructions and the necessary addresses for sending a text message from your computer to a cell phone. Read the instructions at the top and then use the H key to locate the Cellular provider you want.

How to Use DNA Testing to Trace Your Family Tree
Provides instructions and resources for doing research with DNA results.

HowToCreateAFolderOnYourDesktopFor UseWithAnyBrowser
Instructions on how to create a Favorites folder on your desktop that can be used with any browser.

Learn how to disable the Amazon Sidewalk feature in your Alexa app.

Jeff Rutkowskis Webpage
Offers a wide variety of material, including movies and how to guides.

Locating And Using The VIP Conduit Cookbook(All Members)
Instructions on locating and using the VIP Conduit Cookbook, available to all members.

Moving IPhone Apps Using Voice Over
Step by step instructions on how to rearrange your IPhone apps using Voice Over.

Navigating You Tube
Step by step instructions for navigating You Tube.

Ocoopa Hand Warmer Operating Instructions
Instructions for operating the Ocoopa Hand Warmer especially written for the blind and visually impaired.

Operating Instructions For MP3 Player MF088
A description of the physical location and function of the various controls for the MP3 player described in our Gadgets Corner.

Parenting With Disabilities
Suggestions for parenting for parents with a disability.

Perpetual Calendar (Supporting Members)
Instructions for locating and using the Perpetual Calendar, a Supporting Member feature.

Playing Music With The Team Talk Client
Step by step instructions for playing music with Team Talk.

Removing All IPhone Contacts
This page contains instructions on how to remove all IPhone contacts at once. Useful when selling your phone.

Retrieving Your Login Information
Instructions on how to quickly retrieve your login information.

Setting The Preferences In The Team Talk Client
Directions and recommendations for setting your preferences in the Team Talk Client

Setting Up A Home Office If Blind Or Visually Impaired
Information on how to set up a productive home office if you're blind or have low vision.

Setting Up Automatic Login In Windows 10
Instructions for setting up automatic login in Windows 10.

Setting Up The Home Office After Vision Loss
Suggestions for setting up a home office for those with vision impairment.

Site Functions
Directions for locating and using the Site Functions link. Links to most site features are located here.

Talking Solar Bible Users Manual
The users instruction manual for the Talking Solar Bible.

Thunderbird Instructional Files
Thunderbird Files with audio tutorial. Put together by Hareth. A big thank you goes out to Hareth! Step 1, press enter on the Thunderbird-Basic E X E file twice. 2. This will put a folder on your desktop named Thunderbird Files. 3. To open the folder on your desktop simply press enter on Thunderbird Files. Enjoy

Trouble Shooting WiFi Problems
Easy to follow step by step instructions for trouble shooting your WiFi problems.

Updating Information In Your Account
Instructions on how to update phone numbers, e mail addresses, switch nicknames and purchase or renew memberships.

Using JAWS Scripts For Skype for Windows Desktop 8 (Electron
Instructions for using the Jaws scripts with the desktop version of Skype 8.

Using Loopback With The Team Talk Client
Instructions for using the Loopback room with Team Talk.

Using Outlook Express and Outlook Express Restore
Instructions for the installation of Outlook Express as well as on how to use the Outlook Express Restore program. Includes download links.

Using the JAWS Scripts For Skype UWP
"Instructions for using Jaws scripts with Skype UWP (Skype store app for windows10).".

Using The NVDA Remote Feature
Step by step instructions for using the NVDA Remote feature to control a second computer.

Using The VIP Conduit Alerts (Supporting Members)
Instructions for using the alerts to remind you of events and appointments.

Using The VIP Conduit Forums
Basic instructions for using the VIP Conduit Forums.

Using The Windows Narrator Voices With NVDA
Instructions for using the Windows Narrator Voices with the NVDA Screen Reader.

Using Your Ring Doorbell With Alexa
Directions for linking and using your Ring Video Doorbell with Alexa. Includes a list of voice commands.

Voice Over User Guide
Voice Over user Guide for Apple products.

Weather Tracker Feature (Supporting Members)
Directions for using the Weather Tracker Feature(For Supporting Members).

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