Internet Resources For The Blind and Visually Impaired Links

A Guide To Selling on Ebay For The Blind
The Blind Bargains Website offers instructions on using Ebay for the Blind.

Access World
This site provides a wealth of technical information and product evaluations for the Blind and Low Vision community.

Accessibility Resources
Provides a large number of links to various accessibility resources.

Accessible Entertaining
Making sure your disabled guests feel safe and welcome in your home.

Accessible World
Providing Accessible Internet Resources

Adobe Accessibility Page
Adobe Accessibility page, software for reading PDF files.

Amazon Screen Reader Friendly Shopping
This site is especially designed to work with screen readers.

American Council of The Blind
Facts about ACB and many valuable resources.

Americans With Disabilities Act Home Page
Home Page for the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Associated Services For The Blind and Visually Impaired
Inspiring Independence If you or someone you know is experiencing low vision or blindness, we can help. Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB) promotes health and independence. We provide classes and training in life skills and accessible technology and offer enriching arts, cultural and community activities in Philadelphia. We can also connect you with regional agencies and information to help you navigate issues related to health, housing, employment, education, transportation, and more.

Association of Blind Citizens
Creating opportunity one step at a time.

BC Scan, Scan It, Learn About it, Use It
BCScan is a free service that allows you to organize, catalog, learn about, and manage your groceries, CDs, movies, household products, medications, or just about anything else. It works using a bar code scanner and a database of roughly a million products. When a bar code on an item is scanned, BCScan will check a database for the product and tell you what it is. You can add products to your personal inventory, add notes, or contribute additional information. It's great for the visually impaired person who needs to identify a canned good or for anyone who wants to better organize their life.

Bender Consulting
Bender Consulting receives a broad range of positions in: • Information technology • Finance • Accounting • Engineering • Human resources • General business and related fields

Blind Bargains
This site offers the best current buys on Blindness related products. They are taken from the various sites featuring products for the Blind.

Blind New World
Is it possible we fear blindness so much that we exclude those without sight? Stigmas, misperceptions and deep feelings about blindness lead us to marginalize and exclude this highly capable population.

Blind Programming
This website provides resources for those interested in learning programing.

Camp Abilities
A week-long Educational Sports Camp  Children with Visual Impairments 

Carroll Center For The Blind
The Carroll Center for the Blind, located in Newton, Massachusetts, provides help for the blind including training and adaptive devices to individuals of all ages who have lost their sight so they can live independent and fulfilling lives. We offer a number of other services for the blind, such as technical training, low vision products, and much more. You will also be able to find information about ongoing accessibility projects, such as making TV accessible.

Cheap Airfare For Disabled Travelers
Locate multiple sources of information and resources in one place.

Childproofing Your Home For A Child With Vision Impairment
This source offers a wealth of information on how to do it as well as potential costs.

ClickAndGo WayFinding Maps
ClickAndGo Wayfinding Maps , a new and fully accessible narrative mapping service. It is modeled after the often-used "directions" feature of Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and MapQuest. With those services, sighted users make their selections for a starting point and destination from a drop-down menu of landmarks, and then click "GO" for driving directions. We have taken this information model, compiled additional adaptations that meet the specific needs of the blind and deafblind, and are now able to provide non-sighted travelers with customized "mobility-friendly" walking directions.

Club Go
Substantial travel discounts for travelers with disabilities.

Computers For The
This organization makes refurbished computers available at a very reasonable cost to the Blind.

Disability Information and Resources
A collection of information and resources for various disabilities.

Disability World, News Articles and Tips For The Disabled
Provides news, other articles and tips for the disabled.

Empowerment Zone
The home page of Jamal Mazrui! Offers ideas and accessible software.

Family Connect
Our Mission FamilyConnect is an online, multimedia community created to give parents of visually impaired children a place to support each other, share stories and concerns, and link to local resources.

Flex Jobs offers help in locating jobs you can do from home. FlexJobs is an innovative, professional job service to help you find the best flexible jobs available, safely and easily. Every job is hand-screened and legitimate. Guaranteed.

Free Matter for The Blind (Information)
Provides information as to proper use of free matter for the blind mail.

Gateway For The Blind
A good resource for evaluation of your needs and training in a variety of areas.

Google Maps Textual Interface
This page is intended to allow those with screen readers to access Google's maps.

Guide Dogs For The Blind
Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to provide Guide Dogs and training in their use to visually impaired people throughout the United States and Canada. Our dogs and services are free to those we serve, thanks to the generosity of donors and support of volunteers. We are devoted to promoting the human/animal bond . Our two training facilities are in San Rafael, California?20 miles north of San Francisco, and in Boring, Oregon?25 miles east of Portland; we have puppy raisers throughout the Western states. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and come back often for news and updates.

How To Prepare A Visually Impaired Child For Daycare
This site offers a collection of useful guidelines for getting a visually impaired child ready for daycare.

How To Send Packages Internationally With Free Mail
Instructions for sending packages Internationally using Free Matter For The Blind.

Inspired Code
You can find the Three Blind Mice mouse program here as well as Say Pad Text to Speech program and a link that will add the Mike and Mary voices to your existing Sapy infrastructure.

Jewish Braille Institute
Established in 1931, the Jewish Braille Institute (JBI) International offers a collection of books, including cookbooks printed with large type and Braille as well as Books on Tape for the blind and visually impaired. There are JBI outreach offices that make the free service accessible to anyone, regardless of religion. The JBI Talking Book library contains more than 10,000 audio books in English, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian and Polish. Spanish books will be added soon. The collection includes dozens of cookbooks on tape that are specially formatted. They allow a person with vision loss to find their place on the tape, go to the index in the beginning of the book and note which recipe they want, followed by a series of beeps to help them locate the recipe. A few of the kosher cookbook titles in the audiotape collection include "The New York Times Passover Cookbook," "Jewish Cooking from Around the World," Kosher Light," "The New Jewish Cuisine," "Secrets of Fat-Free Kosher Cooking," "Simply Jewish Cookery" and "Spice and Spirit."

This site specifically focuses on software which works well with screen readers.

Legal Requirements For Hiring Those With Visual Impairments
Explanation of the legal requirements involved when hiring individuals with visual impairments

Low Vision Blog
The blog is composed of informational content and videos about our innovative products for the visually impaired, inspirational stories, educational materials and tips for people who suffer from low vision symptoms.

Medication Management For People Who Are Visually Impaired
This site offers Tips for low vision medication organization and storage, Medication safety tips and dosage information, Reminder and scheduling advice, Strategies to discuss with your physician and pharmacist to make medication management easier And much more

Menus 4 All
Looking for accessible restaurant menus? Below are links to 50,000 menus in cities throughout the U.S. All menus support screen readers, braille refreshable displays, and we have low-vision display settings too.  Don’t see your city? Then try the zip code search. – Enjoy!

Menus That Talk
Perhaps we can help make restaurant menus accessible to us by passing the word about this service to the local restaurants we frequent.

MeWe The Next Gen Social Network
Partially accessible social networking.

Micro Bit.Org
Learn to code From beginner to confident user and beyond We help you pick the programming tool that's right for you, from block coding to text-based

Microsoft Accessibility Technology Support
If you use Windows with some sort of Accessibility Technology Help may be found on this page.

Movies For The Blind
This site focuses on providing movie related resources for the Blind.

Music By Rocco
Welcome to the official website of pianist, singer, and producer Rocco Fiorentino. It's easy to be captivated by Rocco's positive outlook on life and his warm, outgoing personality. It's just as impressive to listen to him sing and play piano. And, it's wonderful to know that this young person, who is blind due to premature birth, is an award-winning advocate for all children who are blind or visually impaired.

Non Visual Development
Our mission is to support developing applications of information technology with tools and techniques that do not depend on eyesight. We promote learning and collaboration in the use of computer languages to build useful products and services in society. Such applications benefit people with and without visual disabilities.

The first website created to serve as an international directory for both official and unofficial NVDA add-ons. Indeed, this project aims to gather the download links of all possible add-ons, within logical standards of usability. You won't have to search in Google anymore to, at the end, find an outdated version uploaded to Dropbox, or ask through your preferred mailing list until someone is able to rescue and send you as an attachment that add-on that is distributed from mailbox to mailbox for years. In, your favourite add-on may be hosted by Dropbox, but we, both users and administrators, will make our best to guarantee you its most updated release. Moreover, you'll be able to know before downloading any add-on its exact compatibility range and development status.

What is NVDACon? NVDACon (The Non-Visual Desktop Access Users and Developers Conference) is an annually held online conference of users, testers, developers, translators and other beneficiaries of the free, open source and community-driven NVDA screen reader. Inspired back in 2014 by community interest, NVDACon has been conducted regionally in Asia, Korea, Japan, the United States of America, etc., and internationally each year. A steadily growing conference, NVDACon has become more exciting each year, and has furthered its reach to impact the lives of more people each year.

Optasia Ministry
Optasia Ministry, Christian Ministry Resources for the Blind Optasia Ministry is a non-profit organization with the mission:  To provide Christian ministry resources for those with visual disabilities and other disabilities who can benefit from text in alternative format.

Perkins School and Brailer Information
Information about both the Perkins school and Perkins Brailer is available here.

Press Display
This site allows you to select from hundreds of newspapers and magazines and listen to the articles. It requires a free registration to use the site.

Quentin Cs Playroom
Offers a number of games usable by blind users.

Read The Words
This site allows you to convert text to audio for use on your MP3 player or reading device. Appears to be easy to use and screen reader friendly. You must open a free account. Use of the site is free.

Setting Up The Home Office After Vision Loss
Suggestions for setting up a home office for those with vision impairment.

Such A Site
The focus of this website is to provide multiple forms of resources, information, new concepts, and even some entertainment. 

Talk Description To Me
Christine Malec and JJ Hunt Where the visuals of current events and the world around us get hashed out in description-rich conversations. J.J. Hunt is an innovative Audio Describer and a natural-born storyteller. Christine Malec is a perpetually inquisitive member of the blind and partially sighted community who’s always wondering about something. In Talk Description to Me, their discussions plunge into current events and topical issues to explore the content of important images, and help place vivid descriptions in their cultural context. Lively, hard-hitting, witty, vibrant, and fun, this is conversation with a view! The two work together to attempt to bring events to life for you.

The Audio Description Project
The Audio Description Project is a project of the American Council of The Blind.

The Braille Institute
Offers a variety of classes and training, largely in California.

The Global Voice
The Global Voice The radio station that helps the world's blind and sighted communities see eye to eye

The Listen Factor
Listening designed with the Blind in mind. A variety of choices including comedy, education and more.

Through The Looking Glass
Provides a wealth of resources for those with disabilities.

VI Fit (Exercise Games For Visually Impaired)
VI Fit produces exercise games for the visually impaired. The games are free but it's necessary to purchase some low cost hardware.

Vision Aware (Getting Started)
This site offers a number of resources intended to assist those who are in the early stages of sight loss.

Weihenmayer, Erik
Erik Weihenmayer noted author and speaker as well as adventurer Erik Weihenmayer hasn't let his being blind get in his way.

White Stick Home Page
A valuable resource for screen reader friendly programs.

Answers to many of your questions about raising children.

Workplace Accomodations For Those With Visual Impairments
A list of accommodations that may be needed when hiring those with visual impairment.

Zap 2 It
Screen reader friendly movie and TV information.

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