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60 UP Balance Board System
A balance board system designed to help those over 60 regain their sense of balance.

AI Perplexity
Where Knowledge begins, ask anything.

Alphabetical Listing of All 50 States
This site offers an alphabetical listing of all 50 states. Clicking on the state link provides a substantial number of facts about the state. This includes geographical location, state population, list of largest cities, state flower, state bird and much more.

Antenna Web
Maximize your television reception The mapping program, provided by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), locates the proper outdoor* antenna to receive your local television broadcast channels. Based on geographical maps and signal strengths, AntennaWeb locates the best antenna for you whether the antenna is for use with a home satellite system, high-definition television (HDTV) or a traditional analog set. Since this site involves the use of maps you'll likely need sighted assistance.
Note: This web site is not easy to navigate. However, you can access a great deal of useful information, including, Public Records, Audio recordings, and much more.

Bandwidth Place
Determine your upload and download speed. This site is usable, but not especially screen reader friendly.

Best Places To Live
Offers stattistics, crime, weather and more for cities throughout the United States.

CDR Faq .org
A valuable resource for answers to those questions about CD's, recording Etc.
Find census information for most any location.

Cubic Yards Calculator
If you need to calculate how many cubic yards are in a given container or shape, here's your answer.

Darker Projects is a website providing Science Fiction content. they have an accessible player available on their website or you can simply subscribe to their podcast or even download individual epesodes.

Daylight Savings Time
Provides complete information about when the changes occur and also the history of Daylight Savings Time.

Dead or Alive?
Ever wanted to know if a famous person is dead or alive? This site can tell you.

Down Detector
Offers information on service outages for a wide variety of providers. Screen reader usable, but not especially friendly.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me
This site will tell you if the site you want isn't working for just you or everyone. Just enter the URL.

Lists phone numbers for businesses and tips for tracking down a real human in the maze of customer support. Database includes credit companies, retailers, computer and internet companies, and more.

Hydrogen Audio Forum
If you've got a question about audio, the chances are good you can find an answer here.

Internet Archive
This site makes available a wide variety of material including OTR programs, software and more. While the site is usable with a screen reader it will take a little time to familiarize yourself with the way it works.

Internet Traffic Report
Check this site to learn just how well the Internet is functioning at any given moment. Gives you percentage of up time and packet loss plus mor for locations all around the world. Can be quite interesting. Not all information is available with a Screen Reader.
Locate a Lab to adopt or contribute to help the effort to rescue Labs.

Link Checker (Is This Link Safe?)
Is the link you would like to click on Safe? This link can give you the answer.

Media Fire
MediaFire is the simplest way to host files and share them with others Share files with all of your friends and upload them only once Link to files from your MySpace page, your blog, or forums Keep frequently used documents online for easy access from any computer 100% Free Unlimited Disk Space Upload an Unlimited Number of Files Serve Unlimited Downloads No Waits, Lines, or Queues Easily Email Files After Uploading No Sign Up Required
A source for most anything you might want to know about the military. Useful for both civilians and veterans.

Nation Master
Offers meaningful comparison of statistics between various nations.

National Geographic
The Website for finding answers to your Geography questions and more. Not fully accessible due to many photos, maps and graphics.

National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA)
This organization focuses on locating lost ships. Headed by Clive Kussler their most well known wreck may be the confederate Submarine Hunley.

Provides a number of services including maintaining a constant address when your IP is changing periodically.

Locate old versions of many software applications, including Internet Explorer.

Olympus Recorder Manuals
Source for Olympus digital Voice Recorder manuals. Note: these are in PDF format.

Open Culture
Provides a wealth of informational resources in a variety of formats.

PC Mike Wendland
Provides reviews of various Internet sites as well as computer tips etc.
Make Prayer a Priority Daily prayer, Bedtime Bible Stories, James Earl Jones Reads the Bible & More

Safe Manuals Online
Need a product manual? Here's a good place to begin your search. They have manuals available for a wide variety of products.

Screamer Radio
A very simple program that allows you to listen to, and save streams as mp3 files. It has a large number of preset stations, and with a click of a button, you can record it and save it as an mp3 file at the bit rate you choose. Users say it's very usable with screen readers.

Search Systems, Public Records Locator
Search for Public records.

Source for a wide variety of phone related sounds. For example, sound of phone being hung up, sound of phone receiver being picked up and so forth.

Soundpack Central
Offers Soundpacks for various operating systems.
Computer Problems? At we work to be the best in assuring you rapid solutions and we won't charge you until we get it right.

The Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau for Canada and the United States. Check out the business before you order, or file complaints online.

The Directory
Directory of Telephone area codes, Web hosts, Internet service providers and more.

The Office Of President Donald J Trump
Visit the office website of the 45th President.

The World Clock Time Zone Converter
Provides a set of tools that allows you to determine the current time any where in the world. You can also find the country calling code.

Time and
Allows you to determine time and date for multiple locations worldwide. Also offers free clocks for your website and more.
Listen to sounds recorded during the earliest days of recording technology. All the way back to the Days of wax cylinders.

Top Ten Reviews, Expert Product Reviews
Obtain all types of product reviews at one site.
This Website allows you to upload an audio file and increase its volume.

Waymo Self Driving Cars
Waymo began as the Google Self-Driving Car Project in 2009. We’re making it safe and easy to get around - without the need for anyone in the driver’s seat. Our Mission Waymo’s mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going. The Waymo Driver can improve the world's access to mobility while saving thousands of lives now lost to traffic crashes. Visit this site for additional information.

Look up computer and Internet terms.

What Is The Time Now?
Allows you to determine the time for multiple locations.

World Of Phemonena
The world and universe are filled with tremendously diverse and amazing natural wonders and events, often referred to as phenomena. These wonders and events are observed and experienced by us every day, even though we may not be noticing them. The goal of this website is to explore them and attempt to explain how and why they occur, and what significance they have in the natural world.

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