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*At the top of the Locator Frame you will find a link called Upcoming Events. This link will not only inform you of what events are scheduled for that day, but will also provide a link that will take you to the correct room. You will also find links to the Weekly schedule.

Remember, the event host can also post their event on the conduit list.

*If you yearn for the days when you turned on a Country Station and
it was really Country, you'll love the new "Real Country RoundUp!"
Join Lisa and her pals Tuesday night at 10:00 Eastern for three hours of steel guitars, fiddles,
pickin' grinnin' and the countriest Country this side of Nashville,
Branson, Texas or any other Country place. If you dig Loretta,
Merle, George, Allen, Joni Harms... you get the drift, this show's
for you, Partner! Ride on in and sit a spell! Ya might wanna stay,
ya never can tell!

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