A warm welcome from all of us at VIP Conduit. Thanks for stopping by. We are a community of vision impaired individuals, their friends and families. Although we primarily serve the visually impaired, anyone is most welcome to join us.

You may wonder how we got our name. The acronym VIP has the traditional meaning "very important person", but in some circles it also stands for "visually impaired person". We believe that all of our visitors and guest are VIP's in the traditional sense but VIP also describes the group we serve. A conduit is a means of transmission. Whether its through our classes or other on-line events or just our interactions with each other, a great deal of useful knowledge is exchanged.

Our motto "many voices one chorus" also says a great deal about who we are and what we do. while we are a collection of individuals we cooperate with each other to make all of our lives better. Similarly we recognize that there are a myriad of cyber communities like ours and we strive to build bridges with those other communities to make the internet experience better for everyone we and those other communities serve.

We have a Variety of voice chat rooms. In order to enter these chat rooms you will need the TeamTalk conference client.
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To make use of the chat rooms you will need to get a user id and password. Just fill out our simple Join form and the user id and password will be mailed to you. Click Here To Join

Finally we encourage everyone who joins us to become a VIP Conduit supporting member. Supporting memberships cost $20 for 1 year or $50 for 3 years and can be purchased in our membership information center. A VIP Conduit supporting membership entitles you to priority tech support, access to our classes and members only rooms and much much more.
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We would like our new members to experience the benefits of being a VIP Conduit supporting member right away. Therefore when you sign up for a VIP Conduit membership you will receive a 30 day supporting membership free trial. This free trial will give you all the privileges of supporting membership for 30 days after your account has been activated. Should you decide to purchase a supporting membership before your free trial has expired you will retain the unused portion of the free trial.

Enjoy your visit with us and please come back often.

Benefits of becoming a VIP Conduit Member

You might be asking yourself "why become a member VIP Conduit? Aren't there plenty of places on the internet where I can connect with people?" While that may be true we think you'll find benefits of membership on this site you may not find anywhere else.
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Special acknowledgements

We would like to thank our good friend Betsy Gerhart who recently donated $2,500 to VIP Conduit in memory of her late husband Tom. Tom was a long time friend of VIP Conduit. Many of us remember the music marathons that he was such a big part of. He is missed by all of us who knew him. Rest in peace Tom.